How To Play Meteor 60 Seconds Online – Game Features

If you’d like to play a fun and unique action game, then you should try downloading and playing Meteor 60 Seconds. It’s an action game where the Earth is in danger of being destroyed by a meteor. What’s worse is that you find out you will only have 60 seconds before it hits the Earth. You might think that it’s already too late to do anything, but not in this game. Sixty seconds is still a lot of time to do plenty of things.

In Meteor 60 Seconds, 1 minute is enough to kill people, kiss boys or girls, or blow the Earth with a Nuke. You can also leave the planet, or even try to save it from being destroyed by the meteor. What’s great is that once the timer is up and the Earth is destroyed, you will soon awaken to the fact that it is all just a virtual reality. It’s part of a personality test to see how people would react in that kind of situation.

What’s funny about this is that the character’s family are all watching what you have been doing. You can imagine what their reaction is after seeing you kill people. It’s a funny and exciting game to play that you won’t regret downloading. But why is it such an excellent game to play? Let’s discuss this game’s features to see what it has to offer.

Meteor 60 Seconds Kissing Guy


Different Endings to Unlock

The main feature of Meteor 60 Seconds is that it has many different endings for you to unlock. The endings are about how the character’s mother, girlfriend, and nephew react to what you have been doing inside the virtual reality during the 60-second duration. What’s funny is that their reactions can be that of pure admiration, disappointment, being skeptical, or even scared.

For example, you went into a killing spree, killing people in all areas you went through, your mother and girlfriend will be shocked, and even a bit scared at what you did. Your girlfriend will even call the police to have you arrested because of your psychopathic tendencies. Your 5-year-old nephew is the only one who admires what you did, deciding to follow in your footsteps and become a mass murderer as well.

If you did nothing and just stood there, your mother and girlfriend will admire you since you didn’t try to cause chaos or hurt others during that short period. But your nephew finds the whole thing a bit boring since he was waiting for some action. It’s a great feature, and you will do your best to unlock all endings to see what they are. It’s always amusing to see the family members’ reaction after all of the things you did inside the virtual reality.

Comic-like Storyline

Another feature of Meteor 60 Seconds is that it has a comic-like storyline within the game. The game will begin with a comic story, where the News Anchor is announcing the world’s impending doom. Then the next story will be told at the end after the meteor has already destroyed the Earth. This phase is where it’s revealed to you that it’s all a virtual reality.

It’s part of a personality diagnostics test that you underwent. Also, this part is where it’s revealed that your mother, girlfriend, and nephew were all watching what you did inside virtual reality and how they reacted to it. You’ll undoubtedly get surprised how funny things happen naturally, as it is the story’s ending.

A Simple Side-Scrolling Game To Play

The last main feature of Meteor 60 Seconds is that it has very simple gameplay. The controls are very easy to get used to; you go right or left. Then there’s a button for the punch or use of a weapon and a kiss. The map is also short, with only five different scenes that you can go to. It’s a relatively easy game to play that doesn’t have many rules, except just meeting certain conditions to unlock certain endings. Below is a guide on how you can install and play this game on your computer.

Meteor 60 Seconds News Ancho


How to Play Meteor 60 Seconds on PC

Now that you’ve got an idea of how the game works, it’s even more exciting when you start playing it on your desktop. Below is a guide on how you can install and play this game on your computer.

  1. To start, you should click the “Download Now” button found on this website to start downloading the installer that will allow you to install Meteor 60 Seconds on your PC.
  2. After the installer is downloaded, click it to start installing the software on your PC. Click Yes to allow it to make changes and agree to the Terms of Use
  3. Once the installation is done, the software will automatically install Meteor 60 Seconds on your PC. A shortcut of the game will also automatically get installed on your desktop.
  4. After it’s completed, you can start playing the game on your computer without any problems.

Enjoy Meteor 60 Seconds at the comfort of your PC. Play the game with a bigger screen and more features to try out. Download Meteor 60 Seconds on your computer now.