About Meteor 60 Seconds Online – Why It’s More Fun To Check out on PC

Meteor 60 Seconds is a fun and hilarious action game that you can play. Published by AvoCavo, it’s a game where you will only have 60 seconds to live and after a meteor will destroy the Earth. In these 60 seconds, you will have the freedom to do whatever you want, kill people, kiss people, do nothing, blow the Earth, or even try to save it from the meteor. It’s a funny and entertaining game that you will love playing.

Meteor 60 Seconds Logo

But you know what will make this game even more fun to play? It’s the fact that it is trying it out with your friends on PC! If you haven’t tried it, better yet to read this article further. We will discuss a few reasons why playing Meteor 60 Seconds on PC is more fun.

A PC has a Bigger Screen & Better Specs

One of the main reasons why Meteor 60 Seconds is more fun to play on a PC is because of the computer’s bigger screen and better overall specs. The game is not demanding in terms of graphic requirements, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be any difference in where you play the game. A PC can offer a bigger monitor, allowing you to see the game better and have a more entertaining experience.

The PC’s better specs also mean that the game will run much better on a computer than any other device. This idea means you will thoroughly enjoy this game without any issues.

Better Controls

A PC can also offer better controls than any other device. Playing Meteor 60 seconds using a keyboard is just better overall since it is more responsive. It’s easier to use and lessens the mistakes you might make, which could allow you to do more in only a short period.

Play and download Meteor 60 Seconds on your PC now, all for free! Share and enjoy this quick and funny match with friends.