Meteor 60 Seconds Online – A Game Where You Only Have 60 Seconds To Live

What would you do if you find out that you only have 60 seconds to live? Will you just stand around and do nothing since there isn’t much time remaining anyway? Or would you try to do a lot of bad and illegal things since everything will end soon?

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Meteor 60 Seconds

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Or will you try to save the world in that short amount of time? To answer that question, you should try downloading and playing Meteor 60 Seconds. It’s an action game that’s published by AvoCavo. In this game, you are given 60 seconds to live, and you have free reigns on what you want to do. You can choose to kill people, kiss all the girls or guys you find, try to save the world, and so on.

Meteor 60 Seconds Nuclear vs Meteor

After 1 minute is up, the meteor will hit, and the Earth will get destroyed, and you will all die. Or so you thought. What’s great about this game is that it has a twist in the end. The twist is that the scenario is virtual reality. It is just a personality diagnostic test to see what people will do in that scene.

The funny thing is that the character’s mother, girlfriend, and nephew are all watching. It results in a lot of different and funny endings based on what you do inside virtual reality. But what else can you expect when you play Meteor 60 Seconds? Let’s discuss and discover this in this article.

Expect To Enjoy & Laugh

One of the first things you should expect when you play Meteor 60 Seconds is to laugh hard and have fun playing. The premise itself of being able to do whatever you want for 60 seconds is already fun in itself. But then finding out that all of it is just a virtual reality and part of a personality test? That’s even funnier.

Not to mention the different endings you will get, especially how your family reacts to what you do inside the virtual reality. You will enjoy playing this simple game. You will also likely try to accomplish all of the different endings to how it all went.

Unlock Hidden Secrets in Meteor 60 Seconds

Another thing that you can expect with this game is that it will contain secrets. When you first try it, you didn’t even know about any endings since there wasn’t any menu about it. After playing it for the first time and seeing the ending, will the menu for it appear? Well, there is one more secret to the game that you can unlock after unlocking all of its endings. It’s a fun and entertaining mystery, and it will be worth it if you unlock it.

Meteor 60 Seconds Kissing Puppy


A Game You Won’t Get Bored Playing

Despite the game’s repetitive nature, you won’t get bored playing it. The different endings are already enough to get you to play this game many times, as you try to unlock all of them and see what hilarious scenes await. But after unlocking the last secret, you will continue playing this game.

It will entice you to continue playing it numerous times to see the different analyses available. So, for a more fun game experience, try Meteor 60 Seconds! You’ll surely get the biggest plot twist in this match, just like in K-Dramas! Play and download the game all for free.

Game Features

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique concept
  • Hilarious narrative
  • Multiple endings
  • Free-to-play

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Meteor 60 Seconds Online – A Game Where You Only Have 60 Seconds To Live